Release 8.3.4

[WEB-2550] – Left outer joins are now created correctly for Custom View pages.

[WEB-2549] – Custom View pages now refresh properly when a new page is created.

[WEB-2545] – When a Planner widget is created for a scenario item, the Planner Item flag for the item is automatically set to Yes.

[WEB-2543] – When a non-Admin user views the Model Queues page, the queues are automatically filtered to show only their queues by default.

[WEB-2510] – A problem encountered in which model runs canceled from the Model Queues page would occasionally fail to actually cancel has been corrected.

[WEB-2489] – A new Planner Widget Run Screen replaces the current model dashboard seen by Planners, who can now use widgets with pre-defined values to run scenario items.

  • Designers define widgets and the values that can be selected.
  • If no widgets are configured, Planners can still run scenario items.
  • Fewer clicks are required by Planners to display the run screen.
  • A simplified model queue has been added, which shows model-specific status.
  • The new run screen supports multiple scenario items.
  • Run Options are not available on Planner screen.
  • Planners can select from pre-defined widget values, but cannot otherwise change values.
  • Technology type can be specified for scenarios.
  • Design Engine Class can be specified for scenarios.

[WEB-2471] – On the Model Queues page, the Canceled and Canceling status for queues is now represented in orange.

[WEB-2463] – An Auto Refresh checkbox has been added to the bottom of the following pages; when selected, the screen is refreshed to reflect the current status of all items in page’s list –

  • Model Queues
  • Run Screen
  • Logging
  • Design Engines
  • Notifications
  • Messages

[WEB-2343] – The date format for the Model Queue Info and Stats pages is now dd:hh:mm:ss.

[WEB-2327] – The process and speed by which large tables are downloaded has been improved, and will no longer result in a time-out error.

[WEB-2285] – When a model is copied or uploaded, it does not appear in any Search list until the copy or upload is completed.

[WEB-2205] – The Customers History page now includes updates made to the Notes field, and changes to other fields now show the old value in addition to the new value.

[WEB-316] – On the Copy Project dialog, the Copy Contents checkbox has been renamed to Copy Models and Documents.

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