Release 8.3.2

Release Notes

[WEB-2322] – GuruLog.txt and the following additional log files have been moved to Model Queues > Queue > History, in the Detailed portion of the Levels section –

  • Greenfield
    • Guru_err.txt
    • Mosel_log.txt
    • GuruLog.txt
  • Infeasibility
    • Guru_err.txt
    • Mosel_log.txt
    • GuruLog.txt
  • NO
    • Guru_err.txt
    • Mosel_log.txt
    • GuruLog.txt
  • IO
    • Mosel_log.txt
    • IO3_LP_Log.txt
  • Sim
    • None
  • TO
    • Mosel_log.txt
    • Log_file.log

Cloud logging levels are available for both Standard and Detailed levels.

[WEB-2295] – A note about Bing Maps has been added to the disclaimer page (see

[WEB-2286] – While maps and graphs are still refreshed following a solve, they may take some time after the solve completes.

[WEB-2280] – The Download Expired page now displays the message Sorry, link has expired.

[WEB-2279] – Email notifications now feature improved Technology references to help clarify model results.
For example, Network Optimization and Greenfield Analysis are used instead of Network_Optimization and GreenField.

[WEB-2255] – Super Users now automatically appear in the list of users sharing a document.

[WEB-2254] – Super Users now automatically appear in the list of users sharing a model.

[WEB-2247] –¬†Internal base map layers can now be hosted by¬† On Premise¬†customers.

[WEB-2197] – Custom views of Input and Output tables can be created using using the new Custom Views choice available in the Output Tables list. Refer to the help for more information.

[WEB-2108] – A new toggle button on the left side of the main navigation menu allows you to switch back and forth between the and Data Services applications. Refer to the help for more information on the Application Switcher.

[WEB-2099] – A comment can now be included when sharing a project, model, or document with LLamasoft Support.

[WEB-2090] – When the copy of a project, model, or document fails, a notification is sent to the user.

[WEB-2089] – When the download or copy of a model fails, a notification is sent to the user.

[WEB-1684] – On the Admin > Model Queues page, the format of the Total Run Time has been changed to include seconds; this is represented as HH:MM:SS.

[WEB-1534] – Input pipes in a user-defined table can now be overwritten.

[WEB-964] – Several improvements have been made to the grid used for displaying data tables.

  • Changes can now be saved to an existing filter.
  • Fixed headers have been implemented.
  • A default page size can now be specified for opening data tables.
  • Page size and sort order are now persistent in optn data tables.

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