Release 8.3.1

Release Notes

[WEB-2110] – Email notifications for model and document downloads now include a link for downloading the model or document.

[WEB-2054] – Once a model is successfully uploaded from the desktop, an email notification and an application notification are sent to the user.

[WEB-2052] – Row-Column Lookup input pipes are now supported. To create from an open model, select Data > Input Pipes, then click New and select Row-Column Lookup.

[WEB-2039] – When an attempt is made to access a web page to which the user does not have access, an error is displayed instead of logging out the user.

[WEB-1993] – You can now copy and delete models and documents from within a project’s details; the Copy and Delete icons appear to the left of the model or document names when that page is displayed.

[WEB-1973] – You can now edit the Name, Type, and Function of a group defined in a model; when a group is selected, the Group Details displayed on the right side of the application window and can be changed or overwritten.

[WEB-1933] – Email notifications of application messages now include the text of the message.

[WEB-1932] -New customer defaults for CPU runtime and storage capacity are now set to unlimited.

[WEB-1924] – User-defined tables can now be created and deleted using the Manage Tables link in the User Defined tables category. Once created, a user defined table can be edited by selecting it from the User Defined list.

[WEB-1859] – On the Messages screen, you can now mark all messages as read or unread.

[WEB-1455] – The Safety Stock Optimization options now match the options available in the Supply Chain Guru desktop client.

[WEB-1446] – When sharing a project, you can now designate it as a “persistent” share, in which case anything that is later added to the project is also shared.

[WEB-1408] – When a user’s role changes, an email notification is now sent to the user and all appropriate administrative roles.

[WEB-1004] – Users are now consistently identified by User Name within the application, except for the Team Members area, which lists users by full name.

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