Release 8.3.3

Release Notes

[WEB-2323] – A problem has been corrected in the database updater in which the model version was being written to an erroneous value, thus preventing the application from completing the update. Now, model queries look for model versions of -1 to identify those that are potentially corrupted.

[WEB-2250] – When a non-LLamasoft user and owner of a read/write model shares that model with LLamasoft Support, that model can now be shared with other users in the LLamasoft Support Group.

[WEB-2240] – Timestamp insertion for design engines now includes a record containing the start times of jobs, and then updates that record when the job is complete.

[WEB-2178] – All users in a Group now receive a notification when a model has been shared or is longer shared with them, similar to when a model is shared with an individual user.

[WEB-1984] – On maps, each dependent flow layer is listed under the site layer for which it was created in the Layers section of the map’s details, and the flow lines no longer obscure the site icons when displayed on the map.

[WEB-1575] – The size and thickness of lines are now scaled in Maps for Demand and Flow units.

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